Make better decisions with Business Intelligence

Transform complex spreadsheets into clear reports. Make more informed business decisions.

Turning raw data into clear visuals

We create reporting environments fully adjusted to your team’s requirements.

Saving your employees time

BI solution process your data automatically without your team’s engagement.

We are an official Microstrategy partner

We offer licensing, support and extra SLA for the market leading BI solutions.

Our Mission

Solving real challenges for our clients

We support our clients beyond just technical implementation. Every collaboration is primarily focused on achieving set objectives – we believe that successful deployments are those that solve real business challenges.

We support your company at every stage, offering flexible solutions and reliable support.


Business Intelligence solutions tailored to your needs

We offer tailor-made BI solutions and comprehensive analytical support for companies across all industries and at various levels of technological advancement.

Data Warehouses

We build data warehouses that integrate and simplify the flow of all information within your company.

Reporting and data analysis

Our solutions are designed to turn even the most complicated data into straightforward, understandable reports.

Team Extension

If you require assistance with a critical project, you can integrate our expert into your team for targeted support.

Azure Data Platform Solutions

We deploy and maintain advanced cloud solutions on the Azure platform, optimizing performance and reducing costs.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We offer extensive technical support and assistance, ensuring availability both during your team’s working hours and outside of them for round-the-clock support.



Trust your data. Achieve your goals.

Choose an experienced partner for the implementation of Business Intelligence systems and gain the assurance of well-selected solutions and swift response when needed.


Elevate your Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy stands as the premier independent reporting and analytics platform, securing the top position in Gartner’s report. By choosing Business Reporting Solutions, you gain access to the market’s best tools, precisely tailored to your company’s needs.

Leader in the realm of AI

Microstrategy provide an entire suite of AI products, with access to full GenAI customization to create cutting-edge applications. This is amplified by MicroStrategy Cloud and microservices for rapid deployment at scale. Enable users to discover insights with conversational AI, get creative with AI-powered dashboard design, or code on your own terms.

Helping your team to utilise BI

We provide support throughout our collaboration. Our goal is to help your employees fully leverage the potential and capabilities of Business Intelligence within your company.

Accelerate Your Project Execution

If your current project is facing delays, our experts are ready to provide additional support to get it back on track promptly.

Dedicated team

We provide a team dedicated to your company, ensuring a personalized approach, flexibility, and swift responses.


Choose experience that delivers results

We Design Processes, Automations, and Visualizations for Your Company’s Key Data. We provide you with complete support from our experienced implementation and analytical team.

Case Studies

Case studies

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Cost Driven Architecture

Transitioning from on-premise to cloud computing, businesses encounter hidden complexities and performance impacts, unmentioned by vendors. This shift requires a nuanced understanding of cloud services for optimal architecture, balancing cost and performance in a landscape where physical hardware still plays a crucial role.

Whiteboard with timestamps

Event based ETL framework for ADF and Snowflake

Facing the need to modernize its data processing, an investment fund shifted from SSIS to Snowflake for its cloud scalability, integrating diverse data sources into a new reporting system. Automating data loading with Azure Event Hub increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced system flexibility, showcasing the benefits of technology transformation in finance.

Bartek worked for a few years in Ireland with Client Solutions before leaving to return home to Poland. I got to know him well during that period having worked with him closely on several large analytic projects. When he established BRS we quickly engaged his services and subsequently those of his expanding team. Over the years as the co-founder and Managing Partner of Client Solutions, I experienced the positive impact of BRS’s services and we evolved together over the intervening 13 years. BRS has provided a reliable and high-quality service throughout this period, often receiving praise from our clients for their responsiveness and dedication. We jointly provided a seamless solution to customers. BRS were proactive in helping us adopt new technologies, including our move to the cloud, which improved our offerings. BRS was our trusted partner whom we used for many sensitive and novel projects in which BRS consistently had a thoughtful approach to innovation and service, making them a valuable partner for any business looking to enhance their technological capabilities and service quality. Show more ...Show less...

James Eivers Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Client Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Business Intelligence help my company?

Business Intelligence (BI) consolidates data from various parts of your company, such as sales, customer service, and inventory, which is often difficult to access and analyze because it’s spread across multiple systems or even sits in Excel spreadsheets on people’s laptops. By organizing this data in one place, BI provides a unified view, eliminating the confusion caused by having multiple versions of the truth. This comprehensive insight enables you to make informed decisions quickly, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing competitiveness. BI tools are designed to grow with your business, ensuring that as your data needs become more complex, your ability to analyze and act on this data keeps pace.

What industries do you specialise in?

Our solutions can be adapted to many industries. We have served clients from the telecommunications, financial, healthcare, retail sectors, and many others. Our expertise in data management is applicable across various fields.

What does the billing process look like?

We accomodate the specific needs of the client. Our billing can include fixed fees, hourly rates, or project-based models. It all depends on the scope and nature of the services.

How does the support and maintenance of the BI system look like?

There are various activities involved in the support and maintenance of your platform. The broadest responsibility we usually take on is when we consider your system a Managed Service. Then, we are responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of all aspects of the system to ensure it’s operable 24/7. We also monitor and troubleshoot data transfers into your system and ensure the right timing and performance of all the reporting activities. In case of any system/cloud issues, our team communicates with vendors and resolves all incidents on your behalf. Lastly, we provide support for the business users of the reports, troubleshooting their individual issues and performing root cause analysis if there is a doubt about the quality of the data.

How can I generate my reports?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools that make creating new reports super-easy. We develop a data model that presents data from your business as dimensions and metrics split into categories. Simply moving them to the report canvas would initiate the generation of the report. You can choose whether to view the report as a table or one of many types of charts and diagrams. Then you can add a date-time dimension for time-based analysis and various filters to make the report more detailed. Our team will assist you if you need us to create more complex reports for you or if you need any help with creating your own.

Can I migrate my existing system into the cloud?

Yes, we offer services for migrating systems to the cloud. We assist in data and application migration to the cloud, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

How does the BI platform ensure data security?

Data security is our absolute priority. We employ advanced security solutions, such as data encryption, authorization, and security monitoring. We adhere to industry standards for data protection.


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