Frequently Asked Questions

What does the billing process look like?

We accomodate the specific needs of the client. Our billing can include fixed fees, hourly rates, or project-based models. It all depends on the scope and nature of the services.

What industries do you specialise in?

Our solutions can be adapted to many industries. We have served clients from the telecommunications, financial, healthcare, retail sectors, and many others. Our expertise in data management is applicable across various fields.

How does the support and maintenance of the BI system look like?

There are various activities involved in the support and maintenance of your platform. The broadest responsibility we usually take on is when we consider your system a Managed Service. Then, we are responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of all aspects of the system to ensure it’s operable 24/7. We also monitor and troubleshoot data transfers into your system and ensure the right timing and performance of all the reporting activities. In case of any system/cloud issues, our team communicates with vendors and resolves all incidents on your behalf. Lastly, we provide support for the business users of the reports, troubleshooting their individual issues and performing root cause analysis if there is a doubt about the quality of the data.

How can I generate my reports?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools that make creating new reports super-easy. We develop a data model that presents data from your business as dimensions and metrics split into categories. Simply moving them to the report canvas would initiate the generation of the report. You can choose whether to view the report as a table or one of many types of charts and diagrams. Then you can add a date-time dimension for time-based analysis and various filters to make the report more detailed. Our team will assist you if you need us to create more complex reports for you or if you need any help with creating your own.

Can I migrate my existing system into the cloud?

Yes, we offer services for migrating systems to the cloud. We assist in data and application migration to the cloud, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

How does the BI platform ensure data security?

Data security is our absolute priority. We employ advanced security solutions, such as data encryption, authorization, and security monitoring. We adhere to industry standards for data protection.