Our company specializes in Business Intelligence which is a branch of IT dealing with data processing and reporting systems. Our main customers are located in Ireland.

Role of a Junior BI Consultant

Each of our consultants has a direct (e-mail/phone) contact with our end customers. This requires us not only to understand the code of ETL scripts/packages or the way that tables are mapped into the attributes in the reporting platform but also to be able to speak the customer’s language.

You would have to be a very well organized person in order to handle incoming e-mails with new questions and queries, handle investigations of issues that require data research and code analysis. When you gain the understanding of the system you will also be responsible for developing changes in the systems we manage.

We are responsible for the operations of the data warehouses and reporting platforms so everyone needs to gain some DBA and administration skills.

Primary responsibilities:

  • handling customer requests for report data validation
  • developing reporting data models (Microstrategy, PowerBI)
  • managing Azure DWH ETL processes
  • monitoring system performance
  • optimising cost of systems in Azure
  • fixing ETL loads
  • designing and implementing fixes to the current DWH processes
  • developing changes in existing Data Platforms
  • communicating with end-users and vendors
  • developing proof of concept projects for new technologies (researching new technologies)
  • handling other support requests related to Azure / Data Platform

What we require

Must have requirements are a very good knowledge of SQL and at least B2 level of English language.

Ideally, the candidate would have a degree in computer science or related field. We accept candidates from other backgrounds but you must have either some database related job experience or training/certificates confirming your SQL knowledge (google “Querying SQL Server exam” for more details).

Our experience shows that candidates that we hire have at least 500 hours of practical SQL/DB experience, whether it’s work, university or self study. Below that people struggle with our interview questions and it is highly unlikely to be accepted.

It would be great to have some data warehousing/reporting background, if not we will expect you to read Kimball’s books (if you read them before the interview it will make a really good impression).

If you have any extra data science / data engineering related skills (Python/R/Synapse/GCP) it would be a great advantage.

What we offer

As you grow you would be given new, more senior responsibilities. There is no specific path, as long as you are proactive and show what direction you would like to go towards. We are willing to do everything to accommodate that.

You will be working with experienced colleagues from whom you can learn. We ask everyone in the team who starts as a junior to get certified data warehousing technologies, most likely Microsoft. We cover the expenses related to certification.

Due to the Covid situation, our company moved to 100% remote work, yet we prefer people living in the Wroclaw area who will be able to join us in the office when the situation gets better.

We provide:

  • Certificate & exam cost covered by the company
  • Free individual English classes
  • Fruit, sandwiches, good coffee
  • Nap room where you can relax for a few minutes
  • Occasional events (bowling, go-carts, shooting, holiday nights out, board game/poker evenings)


Please send us  your CV  and a Cover Letter in English. Please add the following statement: ”I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed (by BRS Sp. z o.o. company, the data administrator, based on ul. Stacyjna 1/61, 53-613 Wrocław) for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2016, item 922 as amended. I have familiarized myself with the content of the information clause, including information about the purpose and methods of personal data processing and the right to access the data and the right to correct it.”
If you have any questions, please call +48 508 669 889.

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