Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of the following information clause is to indicate the scope of personal data collected and processed by BRS Sp. z o. o., and the methods of personal data protection processed in connection with establishing cooperation with us.

  1. Who collects personal data?

BRS Sp. z o. o., located at Akacjowa Avenue 3, 53-134 Wrocław (“BRS”) is the Data Administrator, (email:, commits to ensuring privacy protection.

  1. What personal data do we collect and process?

BRS processes the personal data of candidates for cooperation (“Candidate”) and current collaborators (“Collaborator”).

We process the following information:

  •  Personal data, such as name and surname, company name (if applicable), age, address, telephone number, email address, PESEL number, NIP and REGON numbers (if applicable), image (if applicable)
  •  Financial information related to salaries, bank account, or business travel costs,
  • Recruitment-related information, such as CV, application form, interview notes, references (if applicable), qualifications, professional experience, training information, results of technical and psychological tests
  1. How do we obtain personal data?

BRS collects and processes personal data provided directly by the Candidate or Collaborator.

We may also process data obtained indirectly, in particular:

  •  From collaborators, who provided personal data as part of a referral to the recruitment process;
  • Through industry, publicly accessible candidate databases such as, LinkedIn,, etc.
  1. For what purposes do we collect, store, and process personal data?

The purposes for which BRS processes the personal data of Candidates and Collaborators include, in particular, the following activities:

  • Recruitment, including future recruitments (provided that the Candidate has consented) and verification of Candidates in accordance with national regulations;
  • Execution of the contract of which the Collaborator is a party
  • Routine administrative activities, such as project assignments
  • Offering professional consultancy services to our clients (e.g., by providing information about experiences from previous projects);
  • Internal and external communication;
  • CCTV monitoring to protect our property from theft or destruction as well as to secure against unauthorized data leakage and disclosure of company secrets, or access by unauthorized persons;
  1. What rights do Candidates and Collaborators have in relation to data processing?
  • The right to be “forgotten” – i.e., to have data deleted that are processed without a legitimate legal basis
  • The right to rectification of data – i.e., to correct personal data when they are incorrect or have changed
  • The right to data portability – i.e., to transfer data that have been conveyed to BRS
  1. How long will we process personal data?

BRS will be entitled to store personal data for as long as required by applicable law or for the period in which it is necessary to process personal data for the purposes specified in this Information Clause, but no longer than 10 years from the date of termination of cooperation.

In terms of CCTV monitoring: we will be entitled to store personal data for 30 days from the recording date, and if the recording constitutes evidence of a prohibited act, no longer than 5 years from the recording date.

Upon completion of processing, personal data and copies of documents containing this data will be anonymized or deleted from all electronic devices, while paper copies will be destroyed.

  1. To whom will personal data be disclosed?

BRS may entrust personal data to its clients, for the purposes necessary to carry out recruitment processes.

  1. How will personal data be secured?

To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data, we have introduced procedures and practical physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards to protect the collected personal data. Access rights to personal data have been strictly limited so that the information does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

  1. How can you manage your personal data?

We commit to maintaining the accuracy of personal data and enable access to personal data for the purposes of deletion or update through the email address:

It is possible to submit a request via the email address regarding the deletion of one’s personal data, to request information on the scope of personal data processed by BRS about oneself, and to request a copy of this information in a commonly used format.

There is also the possibility to request the restriction of personal data processing or the scope of their processing (e.g., objection to the processing of personal data or against the transfer of personal data to our clients).

In the event that the processing of personal data violates privacy and information security regulations, the person concerned is entitled to lodge a complaint with the President of the UODO.

  1. How to contact us?

For more information on the way of processing and using personal data by BRS, we invite you to contact us via email: